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The Hair Hub Manifesto

We’re not your average hair replacement company:

We’re here to WOW you! Not just with our fabulous hair systems, but with all our interactions with you. We don’t do average. You’ll never get off the phone from a member of our team and think, ‘Yeah, they were alright.’ You should buzz after speaking with us; and feel reassured that everything is going to be ok and we won’t let you down.

We offer exceptional customer service:

Probably, our single most important core value is providing exemplary customer care. From your initial enquiry through to your product/system delivery, each encounter with a Hair Hub team member should leave you glowing.

We provide honest advice – always:

Whether on the phone, over email or via one of our affiliated stylists, we will always provide honest advice and suggest products which are most suited to your needs and budget.

We may even advise you not to proceed with hair replacement if we feel it may not be the best solution for you. We’re motivated by ethics, not short-term financial gain.

We’re sticklers for detail:

Our administrative systems are robust and reliable, and we’re fastidious about detail. Your order history and hair system specification are safely secure within our CRM software, instantly retrievable at any point.

Once completed, our hair systems undergo thorough inspection and should they fail to meet our high standards of quality control, they are remade, without question.

We’re pretty fussy here. Even our spelling and grammar must adhere to our in-house style-guide. Not everyone believes spelling is important, but, for us, a sloppily written email reflects a sloppy attitude and lax business practice.

We demystify the world of hair replacement:

It’s not easy being one of the good guys in such an untrusted industry. We have to work incredibly hard to turn anxious and previously hurt customers into happy, trusting and confident ones.

Eager to reduce the smoke and mirrors so loved by many competitors, we avoid absurd jargon and pseudo-scientific puff. We didn’t create hair systems; they are not unique to any hair replacement provider. Actually, they have been around in various forms for thousands of years. Of course, they have evolved considerably and the quality varies widely, but given them ridiculous names does not make them unique or revolutionary, and anyone making such claims is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Hair replacement systems can be made with various base materials and different types of hair, but calling them ‘matrix-graft-apollo-cyber-integrated-volumisers’ is just waffle. It’s turning something simple into something complex to convince you to pay their £1000 price-tag.

Our regular Hair Hub blog clearly and simply explains all elements of wearing a hair system and offers the best tips to help you achieve and maintain a natural looking head of hair. And not a waffly sentence in sight!

We’re passionate and determined:

Passionate: isn’t this adjective overused and abused by businesses today? It’s all too easy for businesses to describe themselves as passionate but do they feel it every day? We do. We’re a bouncy and energetic team determined to change people’s perception of the hair replacement industry. This is exhausting! One peek on Twitter or Google Plus with their constant flow of insincere hair growth promises, can make our quest feel like a constant up-hill battle.

But we WILL bring about change.

We will never upsell you:

Ok, so this is probably the worst way to run a profitable business, but we pride ourselves on being decent people who have your best interests at heart.

If you’re happy with our standard hair, we won’t push you into upgrading to a better, but more expensive alternative. We will make you aware of your options, but we’ll never act like second-car salesmen and badger you into spending more money.

We will fix our mistakes:

Hand-crafting hair replacement systems is an art, which takes precise skill and aptitude. And sometimes, we may make a mistake. But should this happen, we will always act to remedy any complaint as swiftly as possible.

We will go out of our way to make you happy:

We’re an ethical business with a big heart. Hearing how happy our customers are, makes our day so much brighter. But should we hear someone is unhappy with a product, it affects us deeply. Our business relies on the satisfaction of all our customers. One unhappy customer is bad news indeed.

This is why we strive incredibly hard to accommodate our customers’ every wish. We have personally driven hair systems across the country to reach people who have left ordering too late, just so they can attend their wedding/party/function etc.

We’re here for you:

Whether you call or email, you will always hear back from us on the same day, typically within four hours.

Should you call and be unable to reach us, please do leave a message. We have thousands of customers and some phone conversations can take-up a lot of our time, so we may be on the line at the time of your call. As long as you leave a message, you will definitely always hear back from us.

We will act professionally at all times:

We have a strict code of conduct regarding customer communication. We do not act unscrupulously; and you will be dealt with in a polite and professional manner at all times.

We’re compassionate and sympathetic:

Having been customers of hair replacement companies ourselves, we empathise with your situation entirely. We recognise how hard it is to find a company who is reliable, ethical, honest, affordable, and who also sells excellent products. This is precisely the reason why we opened: to provide a viable solution for hair loss sufferers who were tired of being let-down.

We often speak with vulnerable customers, some even pour out their hearts to us, tears an’all. We’ll always listen and support you and never trivialise your concerns.

What you order, is what you get:

We are painfully aware that the hair loss industry is mired in distrust, largely due to the enormous number of unscrupulous sellers of dubious hair growth remedies and providers of low quality hair systems.

If you order European hair, that is exactly what you’ll receive, not chemically treated horse hair!

We’re committed to continuous improvement:

To ‘wow’ you and to work with you long-term, we must exceed your expectations at all times.

We are genuinely dedicated to continuously improving our products and our customer service. We will never take your trust in us for granted.

New product development is an ongoing commitment; we can never be complacent with the quality of our products. If there’s better out there, we will find it.

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