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Bonding a hair replacement system.

Scalp preparation

Before attaching your hair replacement system to your scalp, it is paramount you take the following steps to ensure the perfect bond. Without careful scalp preparation, the duration and strength of the bond will be reduced.

1. If you're re-bonding a hair system, make sure both the hair system base and scalp and completely clean, i.e free of oil and traces of adhesive residue. Firmly remove any adhesive with cotton-wool pads, or kitchen roll (do not use toilet paper, as it will not be strong enough). This step is vitally important. Any trace of old adhesive or oil will affect bond efficacy. (Tip: A fine-tooth nit comb is ideal for removing excessive adhesive residue.)

2. Closely shave any existing hair on your scalp.

3. Clean your scalp with a gentle cleansing mask/scrub (readily available in Boots etc).

4. Wash your scalp and any existing hair in a mild, SLS free shampoo.

5. Thoroughly dry your scalp.

Once your head is buffed to perfection, you’re ready to apply your adhesive.

Attaching your hair system

The bonding method you choose will depend upon entirely on the following:

1. The material of your hair system base.
2. The frequency you opt to remove your hair system for maintenance and clean-ups.
3. The activities you partake in, e.g. high-intensity work-outs = excessive perspiration.
4. Your skin sensitivity.

Bond with tape

Generally, tape is suitable for customers who wish to remove their hair systems frequently. I say generally, as our extended-wear tape can hold for up to 3-4 weeks which is comparable with our strongest liquid adhesive.

If you wish to remove your hair system daily, you may opt for a daily wear tape, such as 3M Clear. If you’re looking for a longer hold, we recommend Supertape, or Air Flex, which are very popular products.

The basics for fitting with tape are outlined below:

1. Remove one side of the double-sided tape.
2. Apply around the perimeter of the hair system (or over the base if you prefer a full head bond).
3. Remove the other side of the double-sided tape.
4. Position the front of the hair system in place and carefully roll it back over your scalp, being very careful to avoid the hair being caught in the tape.
5. Secure the hair system in place by placing firmly over the taped areas to smooth over any possible bumps.
6. Hair system fitted. Now style and go!

Avoid leaving a lace hair system on for too long (no longer than a week), as the adhesive residue can break down which can seep through the lace. We advise that lace systems are removed and cleaned every five days.

The above instructions should take approximately ten minutes to implement, so don’t be intimidated. There are also positioning sprays now available, which can make fitting with tape a cinch.

Bonding with adhesive

There are a number of liquid adhesives to choose from. Many customers opt for Ultra-Hold as it promises a very strong bond of up to 6 weeks. However, the ever popular Ghost Bond has the same strength but is much gentler on the skin and very easy to apply and not stringy like mozzarella!

The advantage of using liquid adhesive is that you can brush it on like egg white onto a brioche, and simply apply your hair system afterwards. Many report it is less fiddly than tape, although this will always be personal preference. In time, you will find the options that work for you.

1. Using a suitable brush, apply a very thin layer of liquid adhesive to your scalp.
2. Apply a thin layer to the underside of your hair system. If you have a lace base with a polyurethane perimeter, apply the adhesive to the perimeter only.  Do not apply adhesive directly to lace.
3. Make sure both surfaces are completely dry (wait approx. 5 minutes).
4. Join both surfaces together by positioning the front of the system in place first.
5. Carefully roll back the remainder of the system over your scalp and press down firmly.

IMPORTANT – If you are bonding a hair system with a lace front hairline, please follow these steps:

1. Follow the steps above, but DO NOT apply adhesive to the front hairline.
2. Once your hair system has been bonded, trace the contour of the front lace with a light-coloured eye-brow pencil approximately 1-2mm in front of the edge of the lace.
3. Using a hair-clip, pin back the front section, to allow you to apply adhesive to the front.
4. Apply a specific lace tape, such as Blue Liner Lace or a fine layer of liquid adhesive. Work the adhesive layer down to the pencilled dots, being careful not to cover the dots.
5. Remove the pencil with rubbing alcohol.
6. Allow the adhesive to dry for at least five minutes. Catch-up with that book!
7. You can now apply another coat of liquid adhesive if you wish but make sure it is completely dry.
8. Once the adhesive is dry (approx. 5 mins later), gently bring the lace front over the adhesive.
9. Press down with your fingertips and voila ready for your debut at the Octagon!

Learning how to bond your hair system will take time and patience, especially if you have selected a lace base. The whole process should only really take you ten-fifteen minutes. Once learned, you will not need to visit a salon for maintenance visits which will save you money, so it’s worth taking the time to learn for yourself.

If you would like advice on how to bond your hair system, or guidence on which products may be best for you, please feel free to give us a call and we will happily guide you through the options:

UK office

Telephone: 0800 014 8085 (Monday-Friday: 9am - 5pm)
Email: hello@hairhub.co.uk

USA office

Telephone: 740-337-4470 (Monday-Friday: 9am - 5pm)
Email: hello@hairhub.com

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