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We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions on hair systems, so that you can find answers to common questions:


I excercise regularly in the gym and run on the weekends. Which system is the most breathable and suitable for a physically active lifestyle?

The lace systems are the most ventilated bases available. Our range of lace systems are constructed using featherweight breathable materials, which are comfortable to wear and perfectly suited to an active lifestyle.

Do you have a list of trained hair replacement stylists' across the UK that can fit and cut my hair system?

We do have stylist contacts in numerous key locations across the UK. Please view the salon section for the full list.

Can you specify different hair densities in different areas on the base?

Yes, that is absolutely no problem at all. Many clients order a slightly lighter density at the front hairline to achieve a softer and more natural graduated appearance. Also, other clients may order a lighter density around the perimeter if their own hair is quite a thin, in order to achieve a natural blend.

What is the best hair system for the most secure attachment, as I regularly participate in adventure sports?

If fitted correctly using a liquid adhesive and/or extended wear tape, all of our hair systems can be bonded securely and will not come loose, providing you adhere to a proper maintenance schedule, i.e. remove, clean and refit the system every 1-4 weeks. That said, if you would like to achieve the strongest bond, many of our clients have experienced fantastic results with the skin base and a full head liquid adhesive bond (adhesive applied over the entire scalp and underside of the base). This is the most secure method to fit a hair system. However, this method is not appropriate for lace systems, as you should not apply adhesive directly to the lace, which is why we recommend the skin base for this type of bonding application.

When I am sat at my desk at work, many of my colleagues often stand above me. Which hair system would achieve the most natural scalp appearance?

The thin skin base with injected hairs renders the most natural scalp appearance, or the injected lace (I-Lace). Under close inspection from the top, the appearance is completely flawless and the hair appears to grow directly from the scalp.

Care and Maintenance

How long should I leave my lace front bonded?

The length of time will depend upon the a number of factors, i.e. the adhesive or tape used, the scalp type (dry or oily), level of physical activity, climate, etc. If you're not very physically active and you have a dry scalp, you may find you can bond the lace for long periods (over a week) without experiencing much residue breakdown of the adhesive. Conversely, if you are very physically active with oily skin, you may only be able to bond the lace for a few days before the edge starts to lift. However, it is important to remember to release the lace before any residue breakdown, as this will be much easier to clean and extend the longevity and natural appearance of the lace. If you leave the lace bonded for too long, the adhesive residue will penetrate the lace and this can be very difficult to clean effectively.

I currently use tape to bond my system and I find it difficult to remove the tape from the base of my system. Do you have any tips to make this easier?

If you experience problems removing the tape, use an eyebrow tweezer to lift a corner of the tape (be careful not to damage the system when you slide the tweezers underneath). After you have lifted a corner, use a piece of kitchen roll or toilet paper to grip the lifted part of the tape and then gently remove the tape.

Can I go swimming using a hair system or will this damage the hair?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to go swimming wearing a hair system, providing you select an appropriate waterproof adhesive or tape. However, the chlorine can be very damaging to the hair and will cause dryness. Therefore, we would recommend using a deep conditioning treatment after swimming and leave this on for 10 minutes to infuse moisture.

I enjoy swimming and would like to know which method of bonding would be the most secure?

If applied correctly, you can be confident that adhesives and tape will both provide a extremely secure bond whilst swimming, or engaging in any other sporting activity. However, if your hair is exposed to water frequently, avoid using water-based adhesives. We recommend that you use an acrylic adhesive (Ultra Hold) or if you use tape, choose Blue Liner Lace, both of which have proven to have excellent waterproofing properties and thus will be ideal for all water sport activities.

When I wake in the morning I noticed that my hair is very messy and disheveled. Do you have any tips to minimise friction during my sleep?

A silk or satin pillow case works wonders! It is smoother than standard cotton pillow cases, thus creates less friction when you turn on the pillow during the night. You should notice a big difference and your hair won't require too much styling in the morning. This is also very useful tip for those clients with synthetic hair, as minimising friction will reduce frizzing.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

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