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Making a template


Making a template

If you would like to make your own template, please follow the instructions below. If you are still unsure how to make the correct template, we do offer this service at our salons.

Supplying a template of your hair loss area is a fundamental part of ordering a bespoke hair replacement system. The template will be used as a model from which we will derive the correct size and shape of your hair loss area. This will ensure we make a system that is a perfect fit for you.

There are two options for supplying a template:

Option 1: Send us an old or spare hair replacement system

If you currently use a hair system, please feel free to send us an old or spare unit, providing it still fits perfectly. Using your existing system as a guide, we can not only the measure the size, but also ascertain other custom specifications such as; hair density, hair direction, curl & wave, colour, etc.

We can replicate these details precisely and apply them to your chosen Hair Hub hair system. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can use your old system as a template for size only and you can provide new custom specs as required.

Option 2: Making a new template

If you are new to hair replacement or you do not have a old/spare system, you can easily make your own template using our simple instructions

Making a head mould using sellotape and cling film (saran wrap)

This type of template is a standard procedure within the hair replacement industry to measure the size of the hair loss area. Although this process may appear basic, it is a standard within the professional industry and has been used for many years to accurately measure to the size of the hair loss area, curvature of the scalp and the recession (shape of the front hairline) – but best of all, it’s really simple to do!

Items Required:

- Cling film (saran wrap)
- Sellotape
- Make-up pencil
- Permanent marker pen
- Scissors
- Hand mirror


Step 1:

Draw your hairline with a make up pencil on your skin from temple to temple. If you will be using tape at the front of your new system, use the same shape tape as a stencil for this line. The placement of the hairline is established by placing 3 or 4 fingers (depending on your age) above the eyebrows when your brow is furrowed (eyebrows raised). Draw a line from this point to form your hairline. A hairline with a deeper recession looks the most natural rather than one that is too straight across. Be careful not to place your hairline too far down. Use rubbing alcohol to erase the line if you need to try again.

Step 2:

Place cling film over the head so it covers the entire balding area. It helps to slightly dampen the hair before starting so the wrap stays close to the scalp. Use a length of plastic wrap long enough to cover your ears and twist the ends tighten over your scalp.

Making a hair system head mould

Step 3:

Apply 3 layers of Sellotape to cover the plastic wrap starting from front to back, then across from side to side, ending up with the top layer of tape going in the direction from front to back. The tape will lock the plastic wrap into a permanent transparent tape template.

Hair replacement system template

Step 4:

Using your permanent marker pen and a hand mirror, draw the shape for your system by first tracing the hairline you drew on your skin in step 1 onto the template. Continue to draw a line that will form the perimeter of your system by tracing your existing hair perimeter all the way around your head.

Step 5:

After the entire outer perimeter is drawn, mark the front of the template with an 'F' and the back with a 'B'.

Step 6:

Add one more layer of tape (now 4) to seal the markings, then remove the template from your head.

Step 7:

With scissors, trim off the excess tape and cling film up to the perimeter black line to form the template. Place on the head to ensure it's the correct size and shape and you're done!

If you unsure how to do this yourself, please feel free to give us a call and we will happily guide you through the process, or book a consultation for you at one of our salons.

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