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Hair density

Choosing the correct density is one of the most important ingredients to ensure your hair system will look natural.

One of the main reasons why most other hair systems are evidently detectable is a result of unnaturally thick hair. It is essential that these inferior systems have such heavy densities because the hair needs to be thick enough to hide the unsightly nylon mesh base into which the hair was knotted.

This is where we are different. All of our system bases create a flawless illusion of hair appearing to grow directly out of your scalp. Even under the closest inspection, all you see is hair and scalp.

Our hair systems give you the option to reduce the density and expose some scalp giving your hair a much more natural and authentic appearance.

Selecting the correct hair density is determined by two key factors:

Your own hair density

It is important to choose a density that matches your remaining hair at the sides and back. This will help to blend your system into your existing hair.


There is a strong correlation between age and hair density. Therefore, it is important to choose a density to match your age. A man in his 20s or 30s could choose a thicker density, such as medium or even medium heavy and still achieve a natural looking hair style. Conversely, as we begin to age it is common for our hair to gradually reduce in density so a man in his 40s, 50s or 60s would better suit a lighter density to render a more natural appearance.

Here is a list of the hair density options available:

- Extra Light (50%)
- Light  (80%)
- Medium Light (100%)
- Medium (130%)
- Medium Heavy (150%)
- Heavy (180%)

Hair system density guide

Hair Density Ordering Tool

If you are not sure which hair density would best match your requirements, you can order a Hair Density Chart, which provides samples of the density options listed above. 

If you would like help customising your order, please feel free to give us a call and we will happily guide you through the options:

UK office

Telephone: 0800 014 8085 (Monday-Friday: 9am - 5pm)
Email: hello@hairhub.co.uk

USA office

Telephone: 740-337-4470 (Monday-Friday: 9am - 5pm)
Email: hello@hairhub.com

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