The Hair Hub Lounge is Now Open!

As a hair system wearer, you may have chosen to keep your hair loss a secret. And, with the right bespoke hair replacement system and correct bond, it’s a secret you can confidently keep. But, what if you want to talk to someone about your personal experiences? Your concerns, or your advice to others? A hair loss forum perhaps? Possibly, but how do you know the person providing advice is doing so with genuine intent, and is not someone covertly promoting their own hair loss solutions?

We think we have a fix! We’ve created a private, members-only group on Google+, called the Hair Hub Lounge. It’s a closed community group, where you can post a question, chat to other Hair Hub customers, and obtain genuine advice and feedback from other hair system wearers.

To prevent a deluge of bogus posters, unethically promoting their own wares, membership of the group is limited to Hair Hub customers only and requests to join need to be manually approved.

To join the group, you’ll need a Google account, which you can easily set up here:

Once you have a Google account and gmail address, you’ll need to visit the Hair Hub Lounge on Google+ and click the ‘Ask to Join’ button in the top right corner. If you already have a Google account, click on the direct link below:

The online group will be moderated by a Hair Hub team member, so we are also on hand should you need a question answered by a professional. However, we hope the group will be a secure and private arena for customers to share open, honest and helpful information with one another.

Dealing with hair loss can be an isolating experience. Hopefully, you can now access a network of individuals who can share similar experiences and offer support and guidance where needed.

We hope you find the Hair Hub Lounge useful.

Best wishes.

Hair Hub.