Let’s Talk Turkey…..Literally!

Whilst thoughts of Christmas dinner, office parties and effective hang-over cures, may not be paramount in your mind, if you want to avoid wearing a bobble-hat throughout the festivities, you’ll need to order your new hair system pronto.

Any new orders, templates and colour samples, need to be in our hands by October 31st to ensure you look dashing for all those looming Christmas photos.

We do offer a ‘rush’ service of just 4-6 weeks, but it really is preferable to allow plenty of time for your new hair system to arrive, which is typically 8-10 weeks. Frequently, I speak with distressed customers who have left ordering a new hair system to the very last minute; usually when their current unit is long past its best and they’re desperate for a new one. This is a stressful situation for everyone.

You should order a new hair replacement system long before it needs replacing. Ideally, order two systems at once, as not only will you have a spare should you catch your hair on the advent candle, but you can fit the newest one when waiting for your next order to arrive.

If you have a very important date pending, pleeeease let us know in plenty of time. Our lead-times are estimates, and can sometimes take longer, especially during periods of increased demand. And here’s why.

We regularly run promotions to reduce the cost of our hair systems, so make sure you are signed up to the Hair Hub newsletter to ensure you don’t miss out.

Remember, remember, October 31st, October 31st, October 31st!

Have a great day.