Hello World! We’re LIVE……Finally!

So, a good 12 months after we began the ‘new website’ project, we can finally announce hairhub.com is LIVE! Not just a new, sparkly and contemporary website with new products, salons and informative content, but a new website ready to serve our new American customers from our newly opened US office too! Hallelujah, that’s a lot of ‘new’s’!

The last 6 weeks have been particularly frantic. We promised our lovely customers (and snooping competitors) one darn fine website; and after many, many nights and weekends of drinking too many coffees, eating too many Oreos, and being crouched behind our computer screens desperate to iron out all those fiddly as hell tweaks, before launch day, we can all breathe huge sighs of relief, as the project is finally complete.

So, what’s so great about a new website, and did we really need a new one? Well, aside from the new content, images and products, hairhub.com has a dedicated salon page to help our customers locate a suitably skilled and professional hair replacement stylist within their area. And if you use a stylist not currently listed on our site, please do point them in our direction, as we are always on the look-out for nimble-fingered stylists who share our passion, integrity and dedication to top-drawer customer service. And to reward you for your endeavours, should we find a mutual fit with your recommended stylist, we’ll send you a box of hair care delights, including goodies from our latest range of Giovanni hair care products.

And, did we need a new website? Well, we think so. Technically, the previous site was effective and functional, but design moves on, and we recognised we needed a facelift.  We sincerely hope you agree that the new site looks fantastic.

If you’re not already a newsletter subscriber, please do sign-up on the newsletter page. I’m responsible for all customer communication, and I absolutely promise not to bombard you with dull, waffly, irrelevant information you’ll urgently want to send to the trash bin.  Not only will you receive notifications of new blog posts, and genuinely interesting industry news, but you’ll be sent special, for your eyes only, voucher codes which will entitle you to hefty discounts off bespoke hair replacement systems and products.

It’s also a good idea to see what we’re up to on Twitter, even if you don’t want to publicly follow us. Although we use Facebook and Google+, Twitter is the platform we use to announce our 1 day sales and free shipping weekends. If you don’t keep an eye open, you’ll miss these marvellous opportunities to save money.

We all sincerely hope you like the new website, and if you’d like to send us your feedback, please email: hello@hairhub.com.

Have a great day.

Catherine & the Hair Hub team.