Hair Replacement & Intimacy. A How to Guide…

How to Achieve Intimacy & Secrecy When Wearing a Hairpiece.

If you wear a hairpiece/hair system, or it’s an option you’re currently considering, no doubt you will have given much thought to whether you can get close to someone, emotionally or physically, whilst maintaining the secrecy of being a hair system wearer.

Concerns such as ‘Will my new girlfriend/boyfriend be able to feel my hair system?’ ‘Can he/she see my hair system?’ Even, ‘Can I play with my kids without them pulling off my hair?’ will have no doubt crossed your mind.

Reassuringly, you CAN live a normal life whilst wearing a hair replacement system, but you will need to ensure you wear the RIGHT hair system. Off the shelf wigs, which are not custom-made to your head’s exact contours, will be detectable to sight and touch, especially if they are constructed with more traditional heavy base materials.

To achieve ultimate undetectability, you need to consider the following options:


To stand up to the scrutiny of prying eyes or wandering hands, you will need to choose a base material which is ultra-thin and cannot be detected by sight or touch. The Hair Hub ‘skin’ system is our recommended option.

The ‘skin’ base is 0.33mm thick and almost disappears when correctly bonded to your scalp. It is completely transparent, so only your scalp will be visible under inspection.

If you wear your fringe off your face, a Swiss lace front is the ideal partner to your skin base. Again, it is incredibly thin and fine and should anyone run their hands through your head, they will not feel a thing.


Selecting a hair system with the most undetectable base is just the first stage in the process of achieving invisibility. How you bond the hair system to your head is imperative. A weak or improper bond may not only cause slippage, but can create an unnatural noise if touched.

Before applying any adhesive/tape, make sure your scalp is completely clean and free from hair and any previous adhesive residue. Even the slightest speck of fuzz or adhesive can affect how well your hair system bonds to your head.

You can use a number of different products to clean your scalp from simple isopropyl alcohol (available in pharmacies) to citrus based removal products such as C-22 or Ultra Safe.

Once fully prepped and buffed, you will need to secure your skin base in place with a high-strength adhesive such as Ghost Bond or Supertape. Please note, do not apply adhesive directly to lace, it must be applied to the skin first.

Further tips on ‘achieving the perfect bond’ can be found in this previous post.


To maximise the natural appearance of your hair replacement system and to ensure your confidence continues, you will need to take a few steps to keep it looking marvellous.

As mentioned in previous posts, the human hair used in your system is obviously no longer growing i.e. no longer being nourished by the natural oils of your scalp.

Furthermore, your hair system has probably been coloured (unless made with pure, ‘virgin’ hair), and will therefore require some TLC to maintain vibrancy and prevent premature colour loss.

The shampoo and conditioner you use will affect the look, feel and longevity of your hair. We advise selecting a product which is as natural as possible, and is definitely paraben and SLS free (luckily, even the cheaper brands are now switching on to customer demand for chemical-free products). The fewer processed ingredients the better!

Look for products with ‘softening’ properties and ‘colour protecting’ ingredients (there are too many to mention, but avocado, mango, honey, henna, larch tree and chamomile are all beneficial).

Whilst you don’t necessarily need to purchase costly hair care products from salons, good, natural, effective products are more expensive than your average supermarket shampoo. Cheap, chemical-laden shampoos will damage your hair and strip colour quickly, so the investment is worth it.

If you blow-dry your hair, you must use a heat-protection spray. Again, there are numerous options available, but the more natural and gentle, the better. Similarly, a UV protection spray will shield your hair from the drying and damaging effects of the sun.

Although this may seem very fussy, if you do not take proper care of your hair, it simply won’t look its best.

If you take the time to correctly bond your hair system and treat it with love at all times, it will happily sit atop your head in secrecy. So, go forth and frolic like a spring lamb!