Hair Hub & Our Salon Partners.

As an online company serving customers in the UK and the USA, we don’t have designated customer-facing offices in which customers can drop-in for a coffee or swing-by to collect a roll of tape.

Hair Hub was originally created to better serve existing customers of non-surgical hair replacement (NSHR); customers who had bought their hair systems via a traditional salon and were used to the pros and cons of wearing a hair system/hairpiece, plus, were familiar with their specific maintenance routine.

Hair Hub was, to not only provide more customer-focused, genuine and ethical advice, but to provide superior quality custom-made hair replacement systems at a fraction of the price charged by high street salons. That was our raison d’etre . And it is still the core focus of the company.

However, as more and more new customers to the world of hair replacement began calling asking for advice, as well as existing customers looking for a skilled, genuine and discreet stylist to cut-in their new hair replacement systems, we knew we would need to offer a salon service to people.

We sought compatible stylists to work with and listened to customers’ recommendations and feedback. The result? 12 (soon to be 14) Hair Hub affiliated salons nationwide. Why not more? Because our standards are higher than most. We’re not looking to litter the website with any old stylist who can use a pair of scissors. We only partner with seasoned hair system stylists who share the same ethics and principles as us. If we’re going to recommend a particular salon to one of our loyal customers, we need to be certain they will be perfectly looked after.

Unfortunately for us, we’ve had to part company with a few stylists; those who didn’t act with the integrity we would like from a partner, or those for which we had received poor feedback. This is very disappointing for us, as a lot of time is invested in selecting the right salon to work with. But, far better for everyone that ties are severed quickly, rather than risk a customer receiving poor customer service.

I use the words integrity, ethics, and decency frequently in the Hair Hub blog; in all our communications and on the website itself. And this isn’t hyperbole. We genuinely care about our customers’ happiness. Every interaction with a customer is heartfelt and motivated by a deep desire to do the right thing. As, after all, we’ve had first hand experience of unscrupulous hair replacement retailers who operate solely from a place of financial gain. The industry was lacking good guys; those fighting the good fight, who are here for the long-haul.

We feel lucky to have found some fantastic salon partners to work with. Not only are they renowned for their skills and experience, but all our affiliated stylists are lovely, genuine people who share a passion for helping anyone experiencing hair loss.

We’re always looking for marvellous new salons to work with, as long as there is a synergy in principles. So, if you know a nimble-fingered stylist who you think would be a good fit for Hair Hub, please let us know. If you do recommend a stylist, who we partner with, we’ll send you a bag of Giovanni hair care goodies.

To see whether we have a stylist in your area, please visit our salon page on the Hair Hub website. And check back frequently, as new salons will be added.

Thanks for reading today’s blog.