Why Order a Ready-Made Hair Replacement System.

A few months ago, we started selling ready-made/stock hair replacement systems to provide a cheaper and quicker option for customers experiencing hair loss. To say they’ve been flying out the door would be an understatement!

What is a stock system?

A stock hair replacement system is a ready-made hairpiece, i.e. it has not been customised to precisely fit the contours of your scalp nor the size of your head. Therefore, not only are they considerably cheaper – £185, but they can be shipped immediately, and in your hands, and on your head in just a few days. A fabulous option, should you require a hair system in a hurry.

Stock systems are available with the following bases: ultra thin skin (0.03mm), thin skin (0.08mm) and lace; as well as a multitude of colours. They are all made with a slight wave and have a ‘freestyle’ hair direction, meaning there is no fixed parting and the hair can be styled and brushed in any direction.

Many customers are now opting for ready-made hair systems, as, due to their low cost and instant availability, they can be worn for a few months or so, and then discarded and replaced.

Here’s a customer-submitted photo of a stock lace hair system:

The downside of a ready-made stock system is that its one-size-fits-all design may not be suitable for everyone, especially those who require a larger than average base size (stock systems are 8×10 inches). Plus, there are fewer customisable options, such as hair direction and hair density (light/medium light only).

However, they are becoming increasingly popular with our customers, so are definitely worth considering if your requirements are fairly standard and you need something pronto pronto!