The Many Myths of Hair Replacement


Hair System Myths.

If you’re considering concealing your hair loss with a custom-made hair replacement system, or hairpiece, you will, quite naturally, undertake online research, not only to find the right solution for your specific needs, but to find the right supplier to professionally cater for your specific needs.

The internet is flooded with companies selling hair loss solutions; some viable, some dubious and some spectacularly bogus. You’ll find salons offering hair replacement, laser therapy, and hair systems; surgeons offering transplants here and overseas; and online retailers selling customised and ready-to-wear hair systems, as well as stores selling traditional wigs. And not to forget, all those unscrupulous traders of magic hair-growth pills. Confused?

Most of the options have their merits and are certainly worth exploring. Some people benefit from a transplant, some prefer the flexibility of wearing a hair system, some favour tattooed spots, and some people still prefer a heavy, shiny wig. You certainly have plenty of interesting options.

What a Hair System Isn’t:

If you do opt for a hair system, you may have encountered the following myths, usually found in online forums which are often over-populated by pseudonymous suppliers pretending to have found ‘the BEST hair system EVER!!’:

A Hair System Looks Like a Wig.

Your hair system will only look like a wig if you do not take the advice of your hair system stylist or supplier, and order a density and colour unsuitable for your age. More information on ordering a hair system online, can be found in this previous post: Avoid the Most Common Ordering Mistakes.

Hair Replacement systems are NOT wigs. Their only similarity is that they conceal hair loss. Hair systems are made with human hair, which is hand-woven onto a micro-thin base material of choice: lace, skin or monofilament. The seamless base materials are fully breathable and are bonded to your scalp using suitable adhesive, not clips, tabs or beads.

Unlike most wigs, which have to conceal bulky knots, especially at the fringe, you can wear a hair system in any way you choose, as the knots are invisible (if made correctly) – please see photo below:Thin Skin Hair System

Another hair system give-away, which we often see on competitors’ promotional photos, is a blocky, unnaturally heavy front hairline, like a Playmobil character. Front hairlines are not uniformly straight; they’re irregular, as per the photo below. Ensure you always ask for a ‘transitional hairline’ to achieve the most natural appearance:

lace front hair system

Hair Systems Are Hot & Itchy.

Wigs can be hot and itchy, hair systems most certainly are not. They’re feather-light and once bonded correctly, you won’t be able to feel a thing.  Furthermore, they’re breathable, especially lace hair systems.

Hair Systems Will Irritate Your Scalp.

Again, another myth. It is absolutely untrue that hair systems cause any discomfort, unless you are allergic specifically to the ingredients in the adhesives. 3M Clear (hypoallergenic tape) and a white water-based adhesive such as Ghost-Bond are suitable choices, if you do have a sensitive scalp.

Irritation could occur if you do not remove and clean your scalp and hair system regularly. Further advice can be found in the following post: How Frequently Should You Remove Your Hair System?

You  Can’t Swim in a Hair System.

Yes, yes you can! You can swim, run, ski, sky-dive and bungee jump. There are no limitations with wearing a hair system: Hair Replacement Systems & Sport.

You Can’t Wear a Hair System in the Sun.

A well-made, customised human-hair hair system will look and feel like your normal hair, and therefore, will not require any modifications to your lifestyle. As hair systems are constructed with delicate and breathable base materials, you can holiday in the Sahara if you choose to.

We do advise that extra care is taken when wearing hair systems in high temperatures. You may need to remove the system more frequently for a clean-up, and you will definitely need to protect the hair from damaging and colour-stripping UV rays. Ideally, wear a hat – advice that is even recommended for non-hair system wearers. At the very least, ensure you spritz your hair system with a UV protection spray and if you spend a day in the pool and the sun, apply a suitable hair conditioning product afterwards. System hair is usually dyed to match your own hair colour, therefore the hair needs protecting to maintain the colour.

Read our Hair Systems on Holiday post for further information.

The right hair replacement system is life-changing, but during your research be wary of the proliferation of waffle online. If you’d like to discuss your options in waffle-free detail, please call us for a chat: 0800 014 8085 or email: