20% Off Disposable Hair Systems at Hair Hub.

20% Off Hair Systems.

Many of our customers, and our salon partners use disposable hair replacement systems, also known as the Hair Hub ‘Ultra-Thin Skin’ system/hairpiece.  At just 0.03mm thick, it is one of the the most undetectable and lightweight hair system we provide, but also the most delicate, which is why they’re typically worn for one month and then discarded.

One of the most commonly asked questions from new and existing customers is, ‘How long do Hair Hub hair systems last?’ And our answer depends on which base a customer selects; which hair type they choose; how they take care of their hair system; and how physically active they are. (Please review this previous Hair Hub blog post for more information on this subject.)

Custom-made hair replacement systems, made with 100% human hair are not meant to last for ever. And whilst it is entirely possible to wear a Hair Hub hair system for 12 months or more, the hair will not look optimal. They are not designed to be long-lasting, they are designed to look natural.  Most hair systems will start to show signs of deterioration at the 4 month mark (this will vary depending on the factors outlined in the previous paragraph).

Hair system hair has been coloured to match your original hair colour. Over time, as with all dyed human hair, the colour will fade; quicker if the hair is exposed to damaging UV rays (More on looking after your hair system in the sun, in this previous post), and how well the hair system has been looked after, i.e. whether colour protection products have been used or not; how carefully the hair system has been handled and generally maintained.

As the hair has been hand-woven onto a base of feather-light material, and is obviously not growing, it is not being nourished by your scalp’s natural oils. Therefore, over time, the hair will also become dry.

For customers who want their hair systems to look the very best – always, and to not have to worry about monthly TLC, we recommend the Ultra-Thin Skin. As it’s extremely delicate, it will tear easily if mishandled, which explains why many hair replacement salons favour disposable systems  – they enable their clients to consistently have fabulous looking, fuss-free hair systems.

For a limited time,* we’re offering customers a 20% discount on a year’s supply of disposable systems. So, for one brand new hair system to be delivered every month, the cost is £196 for a custom-made system, or £132 per month for a ready-made ‘stock’ hair system. Over one year you could save almost £600!

To take advantage of our latest offer, please call our UK office on: 0800 014 8085 or email: hello@hairhub.com

*Offer expires midnight June 30th 2016 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other Hair Hub offer.