New Year, New Hair, New You!

If ‘must tackle hair loss’ is on your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2016, you might like to consider non-surgical hair replacement – a method of attaching human hair to an ultra-fine base material which is then bonded to your scalp with skin-safe adhesive.

Commonly know as hair replacement systems, or simply, hair systems, this pain and surgery -free method of hair enhancement is suitable for anyone, at any stage of their hair loss journey.  Hair systems are custom-made to your precise specifications, for example, the shape and contour of your head; hair length, colour and texture; and can even incorporate highlights or grey hairs.

Hair systems are not wigs. There are similarities, i.e. they both conceal hair loss and create the illusion of a head of healthy hair. However, hair systems are considerably more sophisticated and advanced in their construction and their appearance. Wigs are often too uniform, bulky, and sometimes, too perfect looking, i.e. they do not replicate the appearance and movement of natural looking hair – hair which moves freely and does not look plastic or ultra shiny. Usually, a fringe must be worn with wigs to conceal the heavy base material and knotting. Wigs are not undetectable to sight or touch, unlike a hair system.

The correctly configured hair system is feather-light; does not irritate your scalp; make you perspire; or prevent you from participating in sports, including swimming, diving and even bungee jumping, if you were inclined.

So, how do you configure the perfect hair system? The options are plentiful and, for a first-time wearer, this may seem confusing, and even intimidating. I’d thoroughly recommend reading the following Hair Hub blog posts to familiarise yourself with the terminology used in the industry and to help you decide whether non-surgical hair replacement is the best solution for you:

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I’d also advise calling us to run through your options over the phone. Choosing to wear a hair system for the first time can feel overwhelming and no doubt you will have many questions. A telephone consultation will put your mind at ease, and can even be arranged after working hours, to ensure you have the time and freedom to discuss your choices.

If you’d like to arrange a call, please contact us on: 0800 014 8085, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm. Or, email us at: with a suggested day and time you would like to chat.

Spending another year fretting about your hair loss is not only stressful and upsetting, it is unnecessary. You have plenty of options to regain the hair you lost. You didn’t choose to be balding, but you can choose not to be.

Have a happy and peaceful 2016.

Hair Hub.