How to Avoid the Most Common Hair System Ordering Mistakes

Ordering online a custom-made hair replacement system can seem daunting. Each handmade hair system is configured to your personal and precise specification; it’s entirely unique to you: your head shape and size, hair colour, texture, length and density. Should you select the wrong option during the ordering process, the hair system may fall short of your expectations. Avoid the following ordering mistakes to ensure hair system perfection (& avoid looking like 1980s’ Terry Wogan):

Ordering Too Late.

Custom-made hair systems can take 8-10 weeks to be constructed. We aim for 6 weeks, but delivery times are an estimate only and cannot be guaranteed. As they are not mass-produced or machine made, it takes a long time to hand-craft a hair system, especially as each individual hair strand is woven by hand (more on this topic in a previous blog post).

Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that you do not leave ordering until the last minute. Furthermore, should you have an important event to attend, please let us know when you place your order, as we can expedite orders if we have sufficient notice.

If you require a hair system in a hurry, you can upgrade your order to a ‘rush’ service which takes 4 weeks. There is a £50 fee for this option to facilitate staff over-time.

Alternatively, our ready-made stock systems, which are incredibly popular (and just £165), can be with you within a week.

Ordering the Wrong Colour.

We will make a hair system to match precisely the colour of your existing hair, unless you request a complete change. Yes, purple is an option!

We require a sufficient sample of your hair to ensure an exact match. The ideal size is 1-2 inches long (longer if possible) and a pencil’s width wide.

If you do not have the hair to spare, you can choose a colour from our colour ring which can be posted to you. The least favourable option is to send us a photo of your desired colour. You’re welcome to do this, but we can’t guarantee our interpretation of the colour will match your expectations.

To ensure the most natural appearance, we do not advise ordering a colour unnaturally darker than your original hair colour – that is, if you’re an older customer, your hair system colour should reflect that. It is unnatural for someone in their 60s to have jet black hair. If you have grey hairs, ensure we incorporate this colour into your new hair system. We appreciate you want to look younger, but we’re here to supply the most natural and undetectable hair systems; to make you stand out for the right reasons.

More on choosing the right colour here.

Choosing the Wrong Density.

As with hair colour, it is imperative to select the correct density of the hair you require to ensure the most natural appearance and blend. Advice, many hair system wearing celebrities fail to take. Elder men and women do not have the thick, full hair of their youth, and whilst we can make a hair system according to your wishes, we simply do not advise choosing a density which is too heavy.

Similarly, request a ‘graduated hairline’, as this replicates the natural pattern of hair-growth and will prevent that tell-tale blocky, linear hairline.

More on choosing the right density here.

Sending in a Confusing Template.

(Advice on making a head template can be found in this previous post.)

Firstly, it is very important to post us your head template as soon as you place your order. Production times begin as soon as we receive the template, and not when an order was made.

To help us configure your hair system correctly, please use a permanent marker pen to mark the front and back and to show us where you would like the position of the crown and parting.

It is also incredibly helpful if you can use different colour markers to highlight the alternate areas of density you require, and also to write your name on template.

If you follow the guidelines above and avoid the most common ordering mistakes, you’ll prevent a delay in the production process and ensure you receive the most natural looking head of (new) hair.

Need help choosing which hair system is best for you? Read our previous post on matching your hair system with your lifestyle. Alternatively, arrange a time to speak with our of our team. Email us on: with your contact number, and we’ll drop you a line.

Many thanks for reading today’s post.

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