How Frequently Should you Remove your Hair System?

How long should you really be wearing your hair replacement system?

Last week, my colleague spoke to a lady who had been advised by her current hair system provider, that she could wear her ultra-thin ‘skin’ hair system for 12 weeks continuously. Unsurprisingly, the unhappy woman had noticed gloopy adhesive seeping through the skin base and sticking to her hair, which was now a tangly, sticky mess. Unfortunately, she had been given the wrong information.

How long you keep your hair system bonded to your scalp, will depend on the following factors: which base material your hair system is made from, which adhesive was used to bond the hair system, your skin type, current climate, how much you sweat, and your own preference for the frequency of scalp clean-ups and re-bonding.

Here are our recommended removal times for each type of hair replacement system:

Skin Hair Systems:

Our skin hair systems are incredibly thin; our thinnest, the ‘ultra-thin skin’ is 0.03mm, so flatter than a steam-rolled pancake. Due to their delicacy, which is perfect from an undetectability point of view, all skin hair systems need to be handled with care. And which adhesive you choose needs to be carefully considered.

We recommend choosing one of the following adhesives, depending on the length of bond you require (recommended bonding times in brackets): 3M Clear (1-5 days), Sensi-Tak (1-2 weeks), Supertape (2-4 weeks) or Ghost Bond (4-5 weeks).  As a caveat, we wouldn’t typically advise using tape on our thinnest 0.03mm skin, as removal could cause the base to tear.  Liquid adhesives would be more suitable for the ultra thin skin.

Should you exceed the recommended bonding times, you will most certainly notice that the adhesive begins to break-down and will start leaching out of the hair system base. And once glue makes contact with hair, it’s becomes more difficult to remove.

Regardless of which adhesive you prefer, we do not recommend keeping a skin hair system bonded to your scalp for longer than 4-6 weeks. You may well be able to leave it bonded for longer, but due to hygiene reasons, we would recommend refreshing the bond and cleaning your scalp more frequently.

Not only do the toughest of adhesives start to disintegrate at the 4-6 weeks’ mark, it is unhygienic to exceed 6 weeks of permanent wear without a refresh, even more so if you perspire heavily or you are in a humid environment. Furthermore, you risk shortening the lifespan of the hair system if you only clean it every few months. As I have mentioned in previous posts, hair systems need to be cared for like newborn Persian kittens, otherwise you’ll end up with a neglected matted moggy!

Lace Hair Systems:

Lace is also a delicate fellow. Ideal when in the presence of prying eyes, less so if you’re ham-fisted and clumsy. Lace must be handled carefully, as it can tear easily.

You must never ever ever apply liquid adhesive directly to a lace hair system. It must always be applied to your scalp first, until it becomes slightly tacky, and then you can gently position the hair system into place.

If you prefer tape, please choose one designed for lace hair systems specifically, such as Lace Support Tape , Supertape or Air-Flex.

It is very important that you do not leave a lace hair system bonded for longer than a week, as the adhesive will seep through the delicate lace matrix, making clean-up more challenging and shortening the lifespan of the lace.

Monofilament Hair Systems:

Although monofilament hair systems are made with a more durable base material, which is thicker than both the skin and lace bases, most monofilaments have a skin perimeter. Therefore, the same rules apply. Whilst a monofilament hair system will last 12 months or more, it will still need to be removed and cleaned, as well your scalp, every 4-6 weeks maximum. Again, this will depend on the adhesive used, your skin’s physiology and your personal clean-up preferences.

The guidelines above are not cast in stone. Ultimately, you will need to decide how long you wish to bond your hair system for, just as long as it never exceeds the timeframes provided. Ultimately, you will damage your hair system if you do not follow our advice. Repeat after me: ‘My hair system is a Persian kitten, my hair system is a Persian kitten!’