‘The Right Hair System is Life-Changing.’

Hair Replacement Stylist Glasgow

Marie, our Glasgow affiliated hair replacement stylist, explains why she loves transforming lives, in the 3rd of our ‘Meet the Stylist’ posts:

How long have you been in the hair replacement industry?
17 years – does that make me a veteran? 😉

Why did you choose to specialise in hair replacement?
Having spent many years working in the hair industry, it felt like a natural progression. The right hair-cut can do wonders for a person, but the right hair system is life-changing.

What’s the most rewarding element of your job?
Witnessing the transformation in people; seeing how much happier people become when their hair system is cut and styled, and watching people leave my salon feeling much happier about themselves.

What do you like the least?
It saddens me that so many companies make it difficult for people to have such an accessible life-enhancing product, by providing substandard hair systems/hairpieces at inflated prices.

Also, sometimes, clients do not take care of their hair systems, or remove them often enough to clean their scalp. This can be challenging!

What’s the one thing customers could do to make your job a little easier?
Accept there are limitations. Hair systems are fabulous, but cannot be simply stuck to the head and left for 6 months. They require gentle handling and care.

What words of advice do you have for anyone considering hair replacement?
If it enhances your life then why not go for it? Forget any stigma; the world is full of replacement systems, from hair extensions, false nails and eyelashes!

What advice would you give seasoned hair system wearers?
Don’t be frightened to try something new and accept that your requirements will change over time. For example, the density of your natural hair will decrease over time, so ordering a hair system with unnaturally thick hair will not look optimal.

Which is your favourite hair system to work with?
All of them – it’s the people who make my work enjoyable, and the difference hair systems can make to their lives.


If you’d like to make an appointment with Marie for a hair replacement consultation,  hair system fitting/removal, cutting, colour or template making, please call: 0800 014 8085 or email: hello@hairhub.com.

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